Gavin Cook & Jackson White

Gavin & Jackson both started off there Taekwondo journey in the late 1970's & early 1980's. They have been running successful Martial Arts clubs for over 20 years. They both take pride in not only teaching martial arts to the highest of standard, but using Martial arts (Taekwondo) as a platform to mentor and develop children into high achieving adults. Now as well as Instructors they run a successful martial arts business, providing products, services and mentorship to other martial arts instructors.

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Gavin & Jackson

The Motivated Martial Artists Podcast

Welcome to the motivated martial arts podcast. Your hosts Jackson White and Gavin Cook have been friends and taekwondo training partners for nearly 40 years. This Podcast will bring you a mixture of their life stories, Martial arts and business experiences to motive you throughout your martial arts journey, adding in a mixture of inspiring interviews with some of the best traditional martial artists around today.

50 Interviews From The Worlds Most Inspirational Martial Artists

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